Lunch set at Khema

It’s not just because we’re saying it that we think it’s true: Khéma’s weekday Business Lunch Set Menu is simply a genuinely great deal offering some of the finest French cooking in town for just $15+ for three courses, or $18+ including a glass of HobNob wine. Perhaps it is one of the greatest lunch deals in Phnom Penh. 

An afternoon to remember with your Mum

Nothing bad ever came out of spoiling your mother. And we know that she deserves the best as much as you do, which is why we created a special Mother’s Day High Tea so that you can treat your mum, mom, maman or mday to the most delicious cakes, pastries, macarons and savoury snacks with an unlimited flow of Harney & Sons tea for just $6+ per person.

A few notes on wine tasting 

It seems that so much is said about tasting wine, with its bouquets and tannins, legs and leather, that it can be hard to work out what people are on about — and just how serious they are. For those who’d like to understand more, the subject can seem at once so opaque, so vast and so arcane that even trying to work out where to start can be intimidating. But wine is one of those things in relation to which a little incremental knowledge tends to have exponentially large effects on how one enjoys a good glass or two of pinot noir. That’s just a part of wine’s magic.