Refining the art of breakfast

How you master the simple things will often define how great you are. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet it is often under-appreciated compared to other, supposedly grander, mealtimes. We don’t think this should be the case, which is why we strive to make Khéma breakfasts worth talking about. You may have heard of Khéma’s famous Free-Flow Breakfast — check it out here — and now we’ve added a simpler, simply delicious yet exceptionally good value option too.

Open up the world of Cheese with the Masters from Frères Marchand

Most families get together over food. Others define themselves through it. Such is the case with the Marchand Brothers, Frères Marchand, who are regularly hailed as France’s elite masters of cheese. Khéma is proud to announce that Frères Marchand is now our primary cheese supplier, and that this month you can not only experience the magic of their products, but also meet one of the brothers for two exceptional opportunities to learn more about the sublime world of cheese.