From post and freight powerhouse to Khéma La Poste

It’s been a long wait, but we’re thrilled to announce that Khéma La Poste finally opened its doors on 21 August, ready to serve Phnom Penh from 6am to 11pm with a fresh new menu of healthy, delicious meals and light bites as well as Khéma’s famed range of bread, cheeses, charcuterie and cakes (ok, these last ones are maybe not so “healthy” in the strictly pedantic meaning of the term, unless one considers their profoundly positive effects on the mind).

A fresh new look

For three years, Khéma has been known and loved as the embodiment of “relaxed refinement” in Phnom Penh (Thank you, Urban Flavours). Thanks to our relentless dedication to finding, preparing and serving the very best of French cuisine, from freshly baked breads, heavenly cheeses, house-made cold meats, gorgeous patisseries and cakes and simply delicious food prepared without pretension, we’ve built up a loyal base of smart, sophisticated fans because we love what we do.

Lunch set at Khema

It’s not just because we’re saying it that we think it’s true: Khéma’s weekday Business Lunch Set Menu is simply a genuinely great deal offering some of the finest French cooking in town for just $15+ for three courses, or $18+ including a glass of HobNob wine. Perhaps it is one of the greatest lunch deals in Phnom Penh.