Sublime cheese selections, this month at Khéma

From the creamy, buttery flavours of a genuine craft brie to the nutty, briny sweetness of a Comté Grande Garde and the sweet, grassy flavours of Morbier, this month Khéma is highlighting just a few of our favourites from the superb selection of cheeses supplied by the masters at Les Frères Marchand.

Called the King of Cheeses and the cheese of the people, “loved by rich and poor” alike, Brie de Meaux has a near-mythical standing in the hearts of Frenchmen. Thanks to its sweet, smooth buttery flavours underpinned by hints of almonds, mushrooms or truffles, it is quite simply the perfect companion to anything.

Another favourite in the pantheon of cheese legends, Comté Grande Garde is made late in the season when the grass and flowers are richest and sweetest with the flavours of summer sunshine. This is a truly exceptional cheese whose fruitiness is cut through with salt crystals as it ages. We can only say it is absolutely not to be missed.

Morbier is another firm favourite in France, and far beyond, notable for its dashing line of black ash. By contrast, Morbier is milder and the cheese softer, though still firm, but when properly served it presents a bewitching array of yoghurt, honey, vanilla and even fudge flavours. We can’t think of a single opportunity at any time of day when a Morbier wouldn’t be perfect.

And if you’re still unsure which to choose we’re delighted to say that Mr Patrice Marchand, one of the three brothers behind the company, will be returning to Cambodia this month for even more training sessions with our staff so that they can better serve you as you make your selections for a gorgeous after-dinner cheese plate, something special to lift a salad or sandwich up to a whole new realm, or something to savour with an early evening aperitif.

Because, frankly, we can’t think of any time when eating any cheese wouldn’t be perfect.